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Family Income Benefit  

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What it does 

Family income benefit policies work in a similar way to ordinary life cover, but instead of a lump sum, the policy pays out a regular income if you die. 
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How it works 

A typical policy might be taken out by the parents of young children, so that if one parent were to die during the term of the policy, then an income would be paid out for a predetermined period of time. So, if you had a 20-year policy and were to die five years into it, then the policy would pay out a regular income for the remaining 15 years. 
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What you need to know 

Family income benefit insurance is a simple way to provide your family with an ongoing income rather than a lump sum if you were to die. Critical illness can also be added that would provide a payout if one of the parents were to be diagnosed with a serious illness. 
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