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Here at Vickers Young we can assist clients with their Development projects, whether it be a small scale development or a larger commercial project. 
We have access (through our business partners) to appropriate solutions for our clients and we can assist with all manner of cases that involve a development, and can even support clients who have not done this before. 

What is it? 

Development finance is a form of short-term funding to assist clients in completing construction or refurbishment of residential and commercial properties.  
Typically clients select this as a short-term solution and then remortgage at the end of the project to access mainstream lender deals or of course sell or rent out the properties accordingly. 

How does it work? 

The lender basically lends funds to enable the client(s) to purchase the property or land and provide money for the building work. 
Most lenders offer an initial loan based on the purchase price and then typically they will fund 100% of the build costs.  
These payments are typically provided in arrears with reports being provided from qualified building industry  
professionals to ensure the build is on track. 
Once building commences the client must fund the first part of the costs. The following month a developer must provide  
an invoice to the Lenders Surveyor who will check it is correct, at which point funds are then released. 
Unlike most typical loans, development finance will base off the value of the completed property.  
This enables builders or investors to fund schemes that typically would be out of budget. 
Development finance is a specialist area of lending and requires a lot of work to set up.  
Accordingly, fees will be charged for this service which will be discussed at point of application following initial free consultations. 

Key Features of Development Finance and what is possible: 

Little or no experience 
70% GDV available 
100% Build Costs 
Land Purchase pre and post planning 
For Land or New Development or Existing Property 
Flexible Drawdown Facility 
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